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On June 26, 2023, Toronto will elect a new Mayor. The Redesigning Community Safety Coalition brings together over 40 different grassroots and multi-service delivery organisations actively connected to a larger network of resident and community groups across Toronto. The goal is simple: To build safer, stronger communities by encouraging mayoral candidates to provide bold leadership through evidence-based solutions. 

The Coalition has contacted mayoral candidates and asked them to show their commitment to Redesign Community Safety through three initial actions:

  1. Reading the City of Toronto’s framework of options laid out in the SafeTO Plan.
  2. Answering a survey that shows how they will take action on improving community safety.
  3. Taking the Coalition’s Community Safety Pledge.

The Pledge

I pledge to lead with positive solutions by:

  • Strengthening support to the successful Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) through funding expansion and public awareness of the vital service.
  • Prioritizing funding towards community-led initiatives that support families and deter youth violence.
  • Investing in relationships with non-profit and public housing providers to significantly increase the development of deeply affordable and supportive housing for our unhoused neighbours. 
  • Promoting accountability and transparency so that Torontonians can evaluate how and whether taxpayer-funded safety investments are benefitting communities.
  • Funding and implementing the City of Toronto’s SafeTO plan, a research-backed policy strategy that has languished while safety issues have increased. 

You can take action too!

  • Contact the candidates and ask them how they will Redesign Community Safety
  • Spread the word! 
  • Think about how you would Redesign Community Safety to make our neighbourhoods safer.
  • Vote for the candidate who you feel has the best vision for community safety.
  • Check back here on June 5 to see which candidates have taken the pledge, and how they would Redesign Community Safety!


Don Valley Community Legal ServicesFlemingdon Health CentreFriends of Kensington MarketPolicing-Free SchoolsSocial Planning TorontoThe Neighbourhood Group Community ServicesTTC RidersWest Neighbourhood HouseZero Gun Violence Movement

For more information, contact:
Serena Nudel
Director of Community Programs
The Neighbourhood Group Community Services
416.676.9793 or

The Redesigning Safety initiative is based on Toronto Neighbourhood Centres’ Reimagining Community Safety – A Step Forward for Toronto. This call to action provided resources to non-policing alternatives through specialised community-based responses and services. Find out more about the ReThink Policing campaign.