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TO Wards Peace

TO Wards Peace Project (TWP) is a community-led model that focuses on interrupting and intervening in community violence. This pilot draws on the lived experiences of affected communities to develop and implement effective community engagement approaches, innovative communication tools, and social media strategies geared at violence intervention and interruption. Community residents, leaders, youth, and adults with lived experience of anti-black racism, trauma, and violence, in addition to, organizations, elders, and faith-based leaders were consulted and engaged in all phases of the design, development, build, communication, and evaluation of the pilot.  TO Wards Peace takes a public health approach that includes data collection/analysis, determining the risk, identifying protective factors, and utilizing evidence-based strategies and programs to address violence at the individual, family, community, and societal levels.

To Wards Peace Project which is embedded in SafeTO, will combine community, social media, and hospital-based violence interruption. Rexdale Community Health Centre in partnership with Think 2wice, Youth Association for Academics, Athletics and Character Education, the City of Toronto, and other partners will oversee the development and implementation of the pilot in Rexdale and Jane & Finch.

Community Caregivers Initiative (CCI)

The Community Caregiver Initiative is a City funded opportunity that supports resident caregiver led projects within the TWP sites. Successful applicant groups will be trusteed, supported, and mentored by local community organizations.

Groups can receive up to $40,000.00 in funding. This community investment will support local leadership and capacity building amongst caregivers, while promoting community-based solutions, focused on supporting community healing, overcoming the traumatic impacts associated with community violence and advocacy against gun violence.

The primary goal of this funding opportunity is to get caregivers more involved in the TWP model, and to support and empower resident caregivers in building their capacity to develop and lead their own initiatives that supports safety gaps in their home communities.

For more information, please contact:

Northwest Site (Rexdale + Jane and Finch):
Trustee: Delta Family Resource Centre (DFRC)
Contact: Gillian Dennis -

Scarborough Site (Malvern, Woburn and Westhill/Morningside):
Trustee: TNG (The Neighbourhood Group)
Contact: Tyreek Phillips -