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elderly man smilingThe Transitional Care program helps seniors like Bentham maintain independence

For most people, getting older means a loss of independence. For those with physical and mental health issues, even the simplest tasks become next to impossible. The Transitional Care Program (TCP) is changing that.

The goal of the program is simple: to provide extra support for people who want to remain in their own home. TCP helps people who are waiting to enter a long-term care home and patients who can only leave a hospital if they have extra support at home. The benefit to the health care system is also simple: It saves money by reducing the number of hospital emergency room visits and stays. During COVID-19, this increased capacity is critical to admit people struggling with the virus.

For seniors like Bentham, the additional help at home is essential.

“I suffer from depression and it felt like nobody wanted to come into my apartment and talk to me. I was lonely. After I was discharged from the hospital, I was referred to the Transitional Care Program. Because I have diabetes and trouble walking, staff come in every day to give me my insulin, clean my home, and help with laundry and other things that I can’t do anymore. But they spend time talking with me and I know they truly care.”

“Life is much better now with the Personal Support Workers. I don’t feel lonely anymore.”