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man in his supportive housing appartmentClive found temporary housing and supportive care through our Transitional Care Program

For people with complex health issues who are ready to be discharged after a hospital stay, the delay can be longer if extra support is not available to help them recover at home. Our Transitional Care Program changes that. By hosting people in our supportive housing residences, people like Clive have the personal support they need until they can return home, or move to a long-term care location.

“I worked all my life but after a stroke, everything felt like a new world. I couldn’t walk and had to learn to do everything again. And I couldn’t go back to my apartment because I couldn’t go up the stairs. 

“My social worker told me about a place I could go where people could help me while my wife was at work, and I could stay until I got into a long-term care home. I was skeptical but I got a room the same day I spoke with staff at The Neighbourhood Group. 

“The personal support workers are so kind here and helped me do things on my own, simple things like putting on clothes, getting into bed and keeping myself clean. They also measured my blood pressure, helped me shower, did laundry and cleaning, and even took me to my physical therapy.  

“When I found a room at a long-term care home, I had tears in my eyes. I’m very thankful for my personal support workers and I’ll never forget them.”