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smiling man looking at cameraHenry’s first choice for hiring staff is our Employment & Training Centre

When the workload gets too much for Kinetic Solar Racking and Mounting, Henry Reinelt, the President and CEO knows who to call: our Employment & Training Centre.

Since 2011, Kinetic has hired more than a dozen young employees from the Centre. Currently, four are still employed there. “We encourage them to learn what they can and move on to better things. We don’t want to see you here when you’re forty.”

The first person they ever hired was 17 at the time. “He’s unique…a really good kid. After we hired him, he was jumping up and down outside…he was so excited to land his first job. He’s our Lead Hand now and has even started learning how to build tools.”

Giving young people a chance is the norm at the family-run business. Henry cares about the people who work there. “We get to know their strengths and know what works for them, not just when they’re here but outside of work too.”