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woman standing outside Warden Wood Community CentreCommunity mediation helps people in Scarborough through our partnership with Warden Woods Community Centre

Unresolved disagreements with neighbours, roommates, tenants and friends cause stress and typically get worse. So where do people turn? Community mediation.

Our free community mediation service helps people understand the root of their conflicts and develop mutually-beneficial solutions. Since 1985, we have opened over 6,000 cases and brought peace of mind to people and communities alike.

Originally focused in Kensington Market, our service expanded to meet the critical need across Toronto. By partnering with Humber College in Etobicoke, taking over from Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview in North York, and as of 2022, working with Warden Woods in Scarborough, our Conflict Resolution team offers a proven, effective mediation service for everyone across Toronto. The streamlined intake is a boon for the court system, police, bylaw officers and any other organization that needs efficient and timely methods of securing mediation referrals for people in conflict. 

For Warden Woods Executive Director, Julia Gonsalves, the benefit is crystal clear: “Through this partnership, Warden Woods will improve access to free mediation for people in Scarborough by having a physical mediation space at our main location and meeting space available at our others. By educating our staff and community about the benefits of mediation, people will know about this vital service and be able to get help when they are not able to resolve their own conflicts.”