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man holding smiling son with mother looking at themKhai’s development grew in leaps and bounds thanks to Early Childhood Educators at the Canoe Landing Child Care Centre

When Kim’s family moved to Toronto from Montreal, they had no extended family or outside help to lend a hand.

“We put Khai into his first child care when he was one. But when he turned three, he still wasn’t talking. We knew Khai needed extra support with diverse and qualified staff. The child care at Canoe Landing was just that. We enrolled and never looked back.

"Staff were very insightful from the start. They helped us navigate the special needs program and put us in touch with the preschool’s Resource Consultant Specialist. Together, they created an amazing support program for Khai to reinforce his strengths and improve his communication and social skills, as well as his self-regulation.

"The staff embraced Khai’s diversity while fostering inclusivity. It’s a true testament that a loving, accepting and dedicated child care culture makes all the difference! Whether it’s playing with the Hot wheels cars or joining the group activities like What Time is it Mr. Wolf?, Khai is always happy to be at Canoe Landing because of his gracious teachers and friends there. We cannot thank the child care team enough for accommodating Khai with a safe haven where he can flourish and become who he’s truly meant to be!”