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young woman in construction helmet and vestThe Youth Job Connection employment program helps people like Marai prepare for and find work

COVID-19 has been terrible for employment. In a recent survey of unemployed people:

  • 77% said COVID-19 made finding a job harder

  • 62% believed COVID-19 was the reason they were still out of work

  • 65% were looking for a job in a different field

  • 71% were very stressed trying to find employment during the pandemic

To help young people find work during COVID-19, the Youth Job Connection employment program has provided virtual mentorship and training, and up to six months paid work experience. The program also offers financial support for transportation, work clothing, equipment and supplies – critical aid when trying to cope without income.

Marai turned to the Youth Job Connection in March 2020 after losing her full-time job due to COVID-19 cutbacks. After completing the program, she was hired at a warehouse distribution centre, and now as a full-time Traffic Controller at a security company. The stability from work helped her find a place to live that she proudly calls home.

But for Marai, getting a job was only one benefit of the program.

“I didn’t realize it when I started, but Youth Job Connection helped me stand on both feet. But not just for finding work. Making friends and networking isn’t easy when you are too busy paying off debt and taking care of your family. Meeting people my age group with different backgrounds made me humble and reconnect with myself. Thanks to The Neighbourhood Group for this opportunity and hearing me.”