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smiling woman in gardenNasrin Safary, Identification Worker in our PAID program, understands how having proper identification turns lives around

“Trevor was 65, alone, and living in a shelter. He had many health issues and lost of most of his teeth. When I met him, he had lost all of his identification. Without ID, he couldn’t apply for housing, health care, or even the most basic services. He didn’t even have proof of his entry into Canada.

“I helped Trevor apply for his replacement immigration documents, and provided an agency letter so he could get his health card and start receiving social assistance.

“Not long after, Trevor came to my office with tears in his eyes. ‘You don’t know what you did for me. I was working with all these aches and pains just to survive. I couldn’t get any help without ID.’ He shared other good news: he was applying for old age security through one of our partners, and he had his own apartment, even decorating it with little rose plants. And he was getting dentures. Trevor was so happy that he could enjoy his meals!

“Whenever I see roses in my garden, a smile comes to my face as I think about the joy Trevor felt: ‘This was a dream for me. You made it came true. Now I can live the rest of my life in peace and happiness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!’”