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elderly woman standing in gardenMrs. Quan Wing Yee gained more than she expected in the Pui Hong Chinese Senior program

Between work and family, Mrs. Quan Wing Yee was always busy. But retirement left a void in her life. “I felt I had nothing to do all day long. My home was close to the Pui Hong Chinese Seniors program, so I started to attend and it’s changed my life.”

Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in December 2020, Pui Hong helps seniors improve their mental and physical health right from the start. Whether it’s assistance with applications and referrals, Chinese and Canadian holiday celebrations, exercise like Tai Chi and line dancing, or simply the opportunity to socialize and connect with others, Pui Hong offers something for everyone. For Mrs. Quan, Wing Yee, the fun activities and wonderful people were the only motivation she needed.

“I don’t sing Cantonese opera or Chinese period songs like some of the other seniors but I really enjoy seeing them perform. I do the morning exercises and play games, and my favourite is the day trips. One of the staff encouraged me to volunteer in the kitchen preparing lunch for the other members. I enjoy cooking a delicious Chinese lunch for non-Chinese seniors. They really look forward to this. I never imagined I would learn more about cooking from the other volunteers. Volunteering gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

“Pui Hong has become another home for me and the staff are like family. I am very happy I can contribute to this family so that my life can still shine brightly.”