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woman in wheelchair ousideCynthia enjoys nutritious meals and companionship at our Community Dinner

Rising food prices. Unemployment and precarious work. Unaffordable housing. The reasons for food insecurity have never had more impact on hungry people in Toronto. In Scarborough alone, the number of visits to food banks increased by a staggering 29% last year. Cynthia is one of the nearly 20% of Torontonians living in a food-insecure household.

“I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. I’m in a wheelchair and cooking is very tough. The money I get from the government isn’t enough to cover everything I need. I do have a personal support worker but she’s only here for a short time. That’s why I go to the community dinner.”

Located near Victoria Park and St. Clair, the Community Dinner serves a free, nutritious home-cooked meal for up to 150 people every Thursday. But the Dinner is more than just a way to reduce hunger and improve people’s health: it’s a way for people to socialize and connect.

“With my treatments and health issues, getting out of the house is very important to me. At the Dinner, I get a good meal and meet other people. The Dinner is a life-saver.”