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woman dropping a ballot in a practice ballot boxSharmin learned about the importance of voting in our election workshops

“I am a newcomer in Canada and a participant in the Women’s Settlement program. I was very happy to attend The Neighbourhood Group’s Election Workshops. 

“Staff guided us through the basic knowledge of municipal elections in Toronto. We learned about the different levels of government, the roles of the Mayor and City Council, and how elections work, including who is eligible to vote, what identification is needed, and different ways to vote. I was surprised that I could vote by mail and vote in an advance poll. We found out about voter registration cards and how to properly fill out a ballot, which means putting an ‘X’ beside the name of the candidate we want. Back in my home country, there is a picture of each candidate, and symbols on the ballot.

“We also learned ways we can participate in elections beyond voting, like running as a candidate, volunteering on election day, sharing election information and educating our family and friends. 

“I feel the multiple ways of voting make the democratic process more accessible to eligible voters and encourage residents to vote in Toronto’s municipal elections. Now I know that we should vote for a leader who will best serve our needs. 

“I am so thankful to The Neighbourhood Group for hosting and organizing these important workshops.”