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Tyoung boy in the parkeddy improved his pronunciation thanks to the Early Childhood Educators at our Harbourfront Child Care Centre

For many children, one of the first words they learn is “Mama”. That wasn’t the case for Teddy.

While Teddy was in the toddler program at our Harbourfront Child Care Centre, it became apparent to his parents that he was having issues with his speech. “He couldn’t pronounce the letter ‘M’. We were lucky that the teachers noticed his difficulty right away.”

Staff referred Teddy to the Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services for an assessment and lessons with a speech pathologist. They also recommended the Hanen Centre workshop, “It Takes Two to Talk”, to his parents. “It helped teach us how to work on Teddy’s language skills at home.”

Now in preschool at our Waterfront Child Care Centre, Teddy has shown marked improvement and is happily working with the early childhood educators to prepare for Kindergarten. “The staff at Harbourfront and Waterfront are so understanding and supportive of Teddy. They genuinely want to help and we can’t thank them enough.”