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women marching to stop violence against women
The problems people in our communities face are many: food insecurity, lack of affordable housing, low-paying jobs, and living below the poverty line are just a few. Changing the way our society works to fix these issues is exactly what our Social Action program does. Working together with our neighbours, we help people speak out for what's important to them, and to their communities.


Through our Social Action program, you can spread the word and start changing your community by:

  • Learning about voting and getting out the vote
  • ​Joining rallies
  • Writing letters to municipal, provincial and federal politicians
  • Organizing petitions
  • Speaking at City committee meetings


  • What is community development?
    The purpose of community development is to improve the well-being of vulnerable groups and communities by working together to gain an understanding of the issues and come up with solutions for change.
  • Why is community outreach important?
    Community outreach ensures people have access to support, learn about services and most importantly, have their voices heard.