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woman and man in Kensington Market Overdose Prevention Site
Overdose prevention sites save lives and the Kensington Market Overdose Prevention Site (KMOPS) is no exception. Since opening in 2019, KMOPS has used a harm reduction approach to provide a safe, supervised space for people to use substances. Trained staff are always on hand to respond to overdoses, provide harm reduction education and supplies, and connect people to healthcare, counselling and other essential services.
Registration is required but any name can be used. 

Contact Tina at or 647.207.3228 to register.
KMOPS Direct Phone Number
416.925.2103 x2626



Sunday to Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


  • What is an overdose prevention site?
    An overdose prevention site is a clean, protected environment where people can use substances under the supervision of trained staff. Sites follow the principles of harm reduction: to reduce the risk of disease and death for people who use substances.
  • Why is an overdose prevention site needed in Kensington Market?
    The City identified the Kensington Market area as a ‘hot spot’ based on the high rate of suspected overdoses indicated by paramedics and hospitals. 
  • How do overdose prevention sites help the community?

    There are many ways overdose prevention sites help the community: Data from existing sites shows:

    • Reduced health care costs
    • Fewer overdose deaths
    • Decreased public drug use
    • Reduced discarded equipment in public spaces
    • Increased use of treatment services for people with issues of substance use
  • How has COVID-19 affected the need for overdose prevention sites?
    Dramatically. Before the pandemic, opioid overdose deaths had increased by 52% with a 72% increase in suspected overdose admissions to emergency rooms. 

    During the pandemic, overdose deaths increased by a staggering 79%.
  • What precautions does KMOPS take?

    The Kensington Market Overdose Prevention Site takes the safety and security of people who use the Site, staff and the community very seriously. Precautions include:

    • Extra doorperson on-hand to ensure safety and security

    • Safe biohazard waste disposal available

    • Specially-trained staff and people with lived experience available to help on site

    • Partnerships established with police, emergency services and public health

  • Is KMOPS funded by the government?
    Unfortunately not. On March 29, 2019, Ontario stopped funding our Kensington Market Overdose Prevention Site without any warning. Funding now comes solely from private donations.