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smiling woman with glassesUnison CEO, Michelle Joseph, knows the benefits of conflict resolution

Like any progressive organization Unison Health & Community Services spends time and money to deal with internal disputes and communication breakdowns. But since February 2012, Unison has reduced the cost of conflict, while improving productivity and employee satisfaction with the help of our Conflict Resolution & Training (CRT) team.

Offering everything from mediation and teambuilding to facilitation and customized training, our CRT Workplace and Organizational Services provide affordable long-term solutions by enhancing people’s ability to resolve problems through improved communication. Just ask Unison CEO, Michelle Joseph. “With the amount of time we would spend on disputes, it just made sense. It’s peace of mind knowing that they’re always ready to help, not only to deal with conflicts that arise but also to prevent them before they occur.”

More than that, CRT’s Workplace and Organizational Services give back. As a social enterprise, it helps fund our free community mediation offered across the city. And here, Unison benefits again. In Fall 2012, we started providing mediation services at Unison’s Lawrence Heights Housing Help Community Clinic. “Their community mediation blends perfectly with our vision and values. Both for our staff and our clients, the Conflict Resolution & Training team has been great.”