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Whether you’re expanding your business or taking on seasonal employees, our FREE services can help you find the perfect staff. No matter what positions you need to fill, our professional employment team is dedicated to sourcing candidates with the right qualifications for your workplace.


Incentives for hiring from The Neighbourhood Group

You may be eligible for an incentive when you hire job seekers from our training programs. 

Contact us to find out more:

416.925.2103 x4000 or

416.925.2103 x5418 or

Co-op Students

You may be able to eligible for a co-op placement student at no cost to your organization, with futher incentives if you hire that co-op student for full-time work after the placement.

Canada Ontario Job Grant

If your current staff or new hires need a specific skill that can be learned or developed through an existing training program, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant can help. Support for training costs depends on the trainee’s employment status and on the size of your organization. 

Hiring Fairs

If you need staff, but don't have the time to find and recruit the numbers you need, we can help! We’ve coordinated, hosted and promoted FREE job fairs for companies like Amazon, Farm Boy, Lush, Magnum Protective Services, Montage, Paramed, Rabba Fine Foods, Siena Living and Wendy’s.

Contact us:

416.925.2103 x4000 or

416.925.2103 x5418 or

Value-added Services

With over 30 years of experience in job training and placement, we're here to help you find the perfect staff. Our FREE services include:

  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Arranging interviews
  • Job postings in our employment centres, online and through our partner networks
  • Use of our Employment Centres for in-person and virtual interviews and job fairs
  • Support and accommodation assistance for people with disabilities
  • Information on the Employment Standards Act and workplace safety
  • Service Excellence Training and other employment workshops for staff and/or new hires
  • Space to host orientation and training sessions for staff and/or new hires
  • Ongoing support for new hires


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