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Conflict in your organization costs time and money. It can cause stress, damage relationships, reduce productivity, and lead to high rates of staff turnover.

Since 1985, we have been leaders in providing mediation and facilitation to organizations in all sectors. Our restorative approach to workplace dispute resolution can make conflict constructive and help your organization focus on its mission.
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Our clients come from both the public and private sectors, with our expertise perfect for non-profits, community organizations, post-secondary institutions, and government.  
Mediators & Facilitators
The diverse backgrounds, skills, and lived experiences of our associates allow them to approach the issues that you want to address with insight and understanding. 
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Social Enterprise

As a Social Enterprise, revenue generated by our Professional and Custom training, and Workplace and Organizational Services and Training, allows us to offer our free community mediation services to people in need.



Mediation is a confidential, neutral, and voluntary dispute resolution practice to help people resolve their own conflicts and build better relationships. Using a co-mediation model, mediators conduct interviews then bring people together in a structured interpersonal process that fosters understanding, reconciliation, and collaboration. Mediation is a highly effective alternative to grievances, legal action, and workplace investigations.

Fees: start at $300.00/hour (includes the services of co-mediators)

Performance Management

Performance management support, or coaching, is an effective option for individuals or small groups seeking to improve their communication skills, maximize their performance, or incorporate as part of a disciplinary recommendation. This service can also be offered as a follow-up to our trainings, giving people the opportunity to have questions answered directly and to practice skill learned in other sessions. This service is also an excellent resource for board members, directors, supervisors and managers who face difficult conversations as part of their role.

Fees: start at $250.00/hour

Meeting Facilitation 

Facilitation helps people guide and direct work with others. We can work with you to facilitate board, public or staff meetings, strateigc planning sessions, and group consultation. Conplex meetings may require additional services. 

Fees: start at $250.00/hour


Facilitation helps groups engage and communicate as they work towards a common goal or solve a complex problem. Our facilitators will first meet with individuals or small groups of stakeholders to establish an understanding of interests, group dynamics, and desired outcomes. Then, the facilitators will guide the conversations and decision-making processes to reach the desired outcome.

Fees: start at $300.00/hour (includes the services of co-facilitators)

Workplace/Organizational Assessment

Assessments help identify points of conflict or tension and provide plans to repair relationships in workplaces or organizations. The process includes initial consultation, confidential one-to-one interviews with stakeholders, and concludes with a report recommending next steps. These steps may include mediation, facilitation, training, or coaching. Note that assessments are not OSHA investigations but can be used to support implementation of recommendations following investigation. 

Fees: start at $300.00/hour (includes the services of two associates)

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